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Gnote 0.7.0

December 31, 2009

I was very glad today to discover (yes, shame on me for not noticing earlier) that the Gnote project has come back to activity. A new maintainer, Debarshi Ray, has just released 0.7.0.

I’m very pleased to see that Gnote continues being maintained. It’s even more important now, as Fedora ships it in its default GNOME desktop, and so does gNewSense (the 100% free GNU/Linux distribution). It’s nice to see that the community doesn’t let down those who, for one reason or another, committed to Gnote and put their weight on it.

As for me, now that 0.6.2 has migrated to testing, I’ll get back to rolling out package updates. Expect 0.7.0 to land in Debian sid soon!


Multiple GRUB terminals

December 25, 2009

To be found in Vladimir’s “multiple terminal” branch, GRUB 2 displays in multiple terminals simultaneously, with a separate menu viewer for each one, resulting in menus with different metrics rendering the same content!

In this screenshot, GRUB running in QEMU with a serial terminal attached to it in a separate window:

Expect this to land in GRUB Experimental branch soon.

GRUB i18n

December 21, 2009

Better late than never. We promised internationalization and here comes GRUB with gettext support. Many thanks to Carles Pina for bringing GRUB a bit closer to end users.

Here’s GRUB menu in Catalan:

GRUB menu

And here’s the Catalan version of GRUB command-line interface:

GRUB command-line

Help is much welcome from translators who want to add their own languages! Like many other GNU projects, translation support for GRUB is coordinated by the Translation Project. If you’re excited by the idea that your strings will be the very first localized message that is displayed on every user’s box, or simply want to bring our cause for computer freedom further, get in touch with your language team.

GRUB on Yeeloong reaching maturity

December 12, 2009

From preliminar/experimental port to almost-complete in 48 days. Nice work, Vladimir.

GRUB gfxterm on Yeeloong