Multiple GRUB terminals

To be found in Vladimir’s “multiple terminal” branch, GRUB 2 displays in multiple terminals simultaneously, with a separate menu viewer for each one, resulting in menus with different metrics rendering the same content!

In this screenshot, GRUB running in QEMU with a serial terminal attached to it in a separate window:

Expect this to land in GRUB Experimental branch soon.


5 Responses to “Multiple GRUB terminals”

  1. mirabilos Says:

    Cool, something like this is really needed.

  2. phcoder Says:

    Now it’s in experimental and there it works fine together with gfxmenu. So you can have graphical menu on normal screen and text menu on serial console

    • Niels Böhm Says:

      How about plain console menu (non-graphical) + serial console simultaneously? Is that possible as well?

      • robertmh Says:

        Yes. For example:

        serial –speed=xxx
        terminal_output console,serial ; terminal_input console.serial

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