Gnote 0.7.0

I was very glad today to discover (yes, shame on me for not noticing earlier) that the Gnote project has come back to activity. A new maintainer, Debarshi Ray, has just released 0.7.0.

I’m very pleased to see that Gnote continues being maintained. It’s even more important now, as Fedora ships it in its default GNOME desktop, and so does gNewSense (the 100% free GNU/Linux distribution). It’s nice to see that the community doesn’t let down those who, for one reason or another, committed to Gnote and put their weight on it.

As for me, now that 0.6.2 has migrated to testing, I’ll get back to rolling out package updates. Expect 0.7.0 to land in Debian sid soon!


8 Responses to “Gnote 0.7.0”

  1. merrr Says:

    new gnote 0.7.2, please package for debian

  2. Gnote 0.7.0 | Risorse Free Says:

    […] Via | RobertMH […]

  3. Konstantin Bouclier Says:

    Jo Shields, we know you prefer Mono over all the things on earth. Is Mono a trap? Gnome-do, GSpot and Banshee show that Mono are awfully unstable on GNU/Linux desktops, at least on all ubuntus around… Tomboy is not worth the dependency on Mono, and Do is still crashing randomly and making artifacts. And your comments everywhere giva us all the idea you might be one great, great Astroturf… Now tell us, is it Microsoft or Novell paying your Mono evangelist efforts?

    Anyways, Robert, sorry for the rant but this guy is so tedious…. thanks for the good news on Gnote. and Debarshi for the good work. Keep it up!

    • Jo Shields Says:

      You really expect me to dignify your tinfoil hattery? “is it Microsoft or Novell paying your Mono evangelist efforts?” – simply pathetic.

      • Konstantin Bouclier Says:

        I don’t hate you, Jo. It just does seem that your following some big companies’ agenda. And that is because you are tedious and omnipresent on every issue that relates to mono, and even now also on a Gnote announcement… It must be painful for mono astroturfs (for there are many lurking the cyberspace, no doubt of it) that Ubuntu approach on mono is by now a failure and Mono mono programs are still failing too much to justify the moves in gnome official packages and ubuntu default install.

        Rejoice for many as Gnote will probably be a very good choice again.

        By the way, kupfer is a quite light-weighted alternative to gnome-do. Despite of the fact it is much less worked upon than gnome-do, it is, by very far, more stable than the fancy candy crashy, x-unfriendly bloated gnome-do. (I don’t hate it either, i just got tired of it not working properly and the google default plugins it brings with it).

        Ah, kupfer also supports plugins and its developers seem to be nicer guys :)

      • Jon Says:

        You are being totally ludicrous. Please stop hijacking other people’s blog posts for off-topic rants.

  4. someone Says:

    Here is someone who hopes the gnome -> tomboy dependency can be switched to gnote | tomboy again, preferably before squeeze is released.

    • Jo Shields Says:

      Personally I prefer the Ubuntu approach for using Recommends rather than Depends in its big metapackages, so users are free to remove any components they please. But it’s not my decision.

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