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Graphical installer for Debian GNU/kFreeBSD

September 12, 2010

Now that Debian’s graphical installer flavour has migrated to X11, porting it to GNU/kFreeBSD became a low hanging fruit, so I shamelessly picked it up and here comes a version of Debian GNU/kFreeBSD installer with graphical support.

Oh, and a screenshot too:



Debian Installer with ZFS

September 6, 2010

Long time no see… Not much hacking in the last few months. Not much ranting either (some of you I’m sure will appreciate ;-).

Anyway, I recently grew excited to learn that ZFS is coming to Debian. I decided to bite the bullet, patched the missing bits in GRUB and Parted, a few small changes in D-I and there’s now a modified Debian Installer with ZFS support for you to play with. Enjoy!

Note1: I didn’t have time or interest in warping D-I into the N:1:M model used in ZFS. Instead, this installer assumes each zpool has exactly one device and exactly one filesystem.

Note2: Don’t ask for i386, it was intentionally left out. ZFS is designed with modern CPUs in mind. It can work on i386 with special tuning but I don’t want to encourage users to do this unless they’re well aware of what they’re doing.