About ZFS in Squeeze

Update: About ZFS in Squeeze (2)

The bad news is that you won’t be able to use ZFS as your root filesystem in Debian Squeeze with the official installer. The blocker is missing support in GNU Parted. Unfortunately the patch I sent in August wasn’t integrated in time for the freeze (and still isn’t, but there’s no hurry now, it’ll hopefully be there for Wheezy).

The good news is that all fixes required for the installed system (including ZFS userland utilities and GRUB) made it and are already in Squeeze. As a result, the unofficial installer I built in September will (unless something weird happens) continue to work during Squeeze life cycle. Note that although the installer itself is modified, it installs a pristine Debian GNU/kFreeBSD system from official packages.

Hope this is helpful to you if you plan on deploying ZFS in your organization and the other approaches don’t fit well enough with your needs.


13 Responses to “About ZFS in Squeeze”

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  4. Vitaly Says:

    I tried four times to install on ASUS M2A-VM and pure SATA HDD – all to no avail.
    probably not the destiny I see the desktop on Debian GNU / kFreeBSD. :)

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    […] Millan na svém blogu shrnuje stav ZFS v Debianu Squeeze. Špatnou zprávou je, že souborový systém ZFS nebude možné se standardním instalátorem […]

  6. Hans Says:

    I like ZFS as a Solaris sysadmin and an early adopter, but to be honest and in the spirit of GNU and of the Debian Project, I really doubt if ZFS is the path to follow. I would prefer ZFS to Btrfs, Ext3/4, UFS any time on a technical level. I wouldn’t prefer it on a social level and I expect it is going to kick back in the years to come.

    Also I would be really surprised if we would let ZFS in. The “victory” with OpenDocument is still young and unsuccesful, and I would prefer to not step into a new technology without proper documentation and patent clearance. This is where GPLv3 (and v2) kicks in.

    Yes, ZFS is wonderful but close to impossible. The lack of proper documentatie is one and support is another. Now that Oracle is at the helm I would expect is going to follow the Btrfs route which is, sorry to say, a piece of crap.

    I may sound hars and troll-like on some points, but it is an users point of view. I’m also a happy Debian user for 12 years now, and even longer a happy Solaris and Linux user/admin. Maybe the time has come to make Debian slimmer again and to stop throwing crap on to the pile and hope it becomes better.

  7. Ben Hutchings Says:

    Since you’re interested in kFreeBSD now, are you going to do anything about #594940?

    • robertmh Says:

      Am I really supposed to answer that?

      • Ben Hutchings Says:

        You were very keen to get non-free firmware stripped out of Linux. Now that that’s done, it seems odd that you’re happy to promote kFreeBSD despite the fact that it includes non-free firmware and drivers.

      • robertmh Says:

        Well I have some ideas that would solve the problem with very little effort, but I don’t think they would be well received, so I keep them to myself. Sorry about that!

        If you want to argue, engage the current maintainers of that package.

        If the maintainers approach me looking for help, I’ll be happy to assist.

  8. Philipp Kern Says:

    What about Debian bug #594940?

  9. John Miller Says:

    what about s/a few months ago/one month and a half/ ?

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