Re: The Freaky Wall

Heya Sergio

Your blog doesn’t allow comments :-( so I reply here. First off, thanks for being one of the first Debian developers in trying out my modified installer with ZFS support, you guys made my day!

Some quick notes on the bugs you found:

The “missing //@ prefix” bug is #600578, fixed in upstream, in sid and in squeeze. Thanks :-)

The “boot partition stays in /target/boot in final install” bug is not in BTS. It was present in a preliminar version of partman-zfs which was never uploaded. The version currently in the archive correctly uses “altroot” option to fix this.

The “/lib/modules is needed for boot” problem was reported as #600568, but I haven’t been able to persuade the kFreeBSD maintainers that this is necessary. It’s not critical anyway.

Glad you finally got a working setup.


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