ZFS v28

ZFS v28 (finally, with deduplication) is available in latest D-I daily builds when selecting kernel of FreeBSD 9 as boot option.

Testers wanted!!


6 Responses to “ZFS v28”

  1. ppv Says:

    freebsd 9 is out. when will kFreedBSD based on it will be released? any timeframe? tnx.

  2. ZFS v28 | BSD - Vše o BSD Says:

    […] link: ZFS v28 Štítky:change, entry, facebook, freebsd, log-nbspout, robert-millan, sense-categoria, […]

  3. Philipp Kern Says:

    Is it possible to run Squeeze with the FreeBSD 9 kernel from Wheezy just as well as running the Linux variant with 3.1? I don’t want to upgrade the userland just yet (for the sake of consistency between the Linux and kFreeBSD hosts, managed by Puppet).

    • robertmh Says:

      Not yet, unpatched kFreeBSD 9 would break glibc and kbdcontrol. I’ll see if I can prepare backports this weekend.

    • robertmh Says:

      Actually I wouldn’t count on it for Squeeze. It requires too many changes in userland to backport.

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